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This on-demand course builds upon the best-selling book Product Roadmaps Relaunched with updated and expanded content. Our immersive, in-depth training will help you unlearn ineffective approaches and actually build an effective product roadmap on a solid platform of customer value.

These 11 comprehensive modules feature all new content not covered in the book:

  • New roadmap examples to spark inspiration
  • New hands-on exercises to put your roadmap knowledge to work
  • A roadmap slide template to simplify your process
  • An ROI Scorecard template to prioritize your themes
  • An online self-assessment to benchmark your organization’s roadmap maturity level
  • “How-To” guide on choosing between the 3 best-practice roadmap layouts
  • Guidance on connecting your product’s stage of life to your business objectives

Break the cycle of churning out roadmaps that end in broken promises and disappointment.

Master our practical, proven steps and watch your roadmap transform into a powerful strategic communication tool.

“Surprisingly, it all starts with recognizing how not to craft your product roadmap.”

I’m Bruce McCarthy, founder of Product Culture and co-author of the best-selling Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction while Embracing Uncertainty. In Product Culture Academy’s Online Roadmapping Masterclass, I’ll guide you through building each component of your product roadmap.

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Product Culture Academy’s Masterclass
on Product Roadmapping

Covers 29 essential topics over 11 modules

Module 1: Welcome to Roadmapping

Break up with your old, outdated roadmap-building techniques and finally get acquainted with a product roadmap that works.

Module 2: Defining Roadmaps

Discover what a roadmap is supposed to do and why Product Culture roadmaps are different.

Module 3: Components of a Roadmap

Learn the five primary components of effective product roadmaps and practice how to implement them in your roadmap-building.

Module 4: Establishing the Why with Product Vision

Pinpoint what business you are making a roadmap for and capture your product vision.

Module 5: Uncovering Customer Needs Through Themes

Work through the product themes that lead to your product vision, learn how outcomes are more important than outputs, and how to avoid competitor influence.

Module 6: Measuring Your Roadmap

Learn about the product lifecycle and use it to your advantage when drafting business objectives.

Module 7: Prioritizing with Science

Discover why prioritizing is crucial to product roadmapping and learn to implement Product Culture’s one-of-a-kind prioritization formula.

Module 8: Achieving Alignment and Buy-In

Explore your stakeholders' concerns and discover how to achieve stakeholder buy-in.

Module 9: Presenting and Sharing Your Roadmap

Learn how to create a compelling roadmap visualization and tell your story concisely and effectively.

Module 10: Roadmapping in the Real World

Discover how to maintain your course through cycles of planned change and unplanned change in your roadmap.

Module 11: Relaunching Roadmaps in Your Organization

Dive into how to get started rebuilding and relaunching the product roadmapping practice inside your organization.

"A product roadmap is a prototype of your product strategy."


"Course material [was] easy to digest. It's a great primer and a reminder of the role of roadmaps vs project plans (one is far more compelling and focuses on reinforcing the strategy [why] the other about execution [how]). A lot of care and thought distilled into an easy to digest format."

Andy Richardson

Product Manager, Redgate Software

“I really loved the roadmap masterclass! Going to a conference or reading a book is nice and gives me a new perspective and insights, but creating a roadmap in practice helped me to understand the process thoroughly and gave me more confidence in what I've learnt during the masterclass. We are now using this process for our product development work at the Economist Intelligence Unit, and it's changed the way we work! It helps us to align and focus on the most significant problems to solve for our clients.”

Malwina Stepien

Product Manager, The Economist Intelligence Unit

"Interactive, practical and well thought out format. [I walked] away having built an effective and engaging roadmap. Easily manageable with a busy schedule."

Lachy Wharton

Head of Product, Wisr

"In this online course, Bruce does a great job of communicating the principles of developing a roadmap, along with practical examples and templates to help actually apply them in the real world." 

Michael Johnson

Co-Founder, hyperexponential

"This course covers the tough steps of creating a winning product roadmap, taught by an engaging, savvy instructor. It goes further, tackling the hassles of alignment with stakeholders. I was especially glad of this online version, with its encouraging exercises, structure, and examples. It was great to work through it at my own pace."

Varun Maheshwar

Senior Scrum Master

"The structure, templates, and examples in the Product Roadmap Masterclass made it easy to take action right away. In less than a month, my three teams have created product visions, objectives, and priorities. And they are really enjoying the work."

Camilo López de Felipe

CEO & CPO at Oneclick

Product Culture’s Roadmapping Masterclass is

An all-out attack on outdated roadmapping techniques that lead to disappointment for you and your customer.

A renewed conception of what product roadmaps are, what they are supposed to do, and how to implement them.

Product Culture Academy's
Masterclass on Product Roadmapping

Self-Paced Course


Could Your Team Have More Impact?

Do you see any of these challenges at your organization?

  • Roadmap with unclear strategy and constantly shifting priorities?
  • Lack of alignment between management and teams?
  • A focus on work rather than outcomes?
  • Employee turnover and difficulty hiring?
  • Spending loads on development with little results?

Product Culture brings an intelligent blend of assessment, advising, workshops, coaching, templates, and hiring assistance that drives improvements while keeping overhead low. 


Over decades working with hundreds of organizations, our team has developed the insight necessary to tailor a program that will accelerate real positive change for your team. 

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All courses include a membership in Product Culture community, renewable on its own thereafter for $19/mo.

A company-wide focus on solving customer problems.

Simply implement these unique product roadmap principles and practices inside your product company.

Ready to learn the art of designing product roadmaps that lead to real results?

Discover how Product Culture’s roadmap formula is built on customer jobs to be done and ends in success for:

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