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Video: Sharing your roadmap with customers is a way to get feedback on your product strategy

C. Todd Lombardo is interviewed by Phil Hornby from Talking Roadmaps on the benefits of sharing your roadmaps with customers

Video: The most important thing for a roadmap is that it’s got to tell a story

Bruce McCarthy is interviewed by Phil Hornby of Talking Roadmaps for a segment on why roadmaps need to tell a story

Podcast: How to Make Product Roadmaps Not Dangerous

A podcast on shifting focus from the “how” to the “why” by properly using a product roadmap.

Podcast: How to Define a Clear IoT Vision

A podcast on key leadership topics such as: why should IoT be part of your product strategy, how to work with executives to clarify the company vision, and 10 universal business objectives companies can use to drive their strategy

Podcast: Say No to Good Ideas

A talk on frameworks for deciding among (too many) good ideas and explaining why we chose those

Podcast: Using Product Roadmaps for Portfolio Management

A podcast about the role of roadmaps in portfolio management — what a portfolio is, how portfolios can be created and managed, and how to construct a roadmap for a portfolio

Podcast: Creating a Product Vision of the Future That’s Awesome for Everyone

A podcast on what a product roadmap is, who the roadmap is for, the pitfalls of roadmaps, the inputs needed to create a roadmap, how to organize a roadmap, and how to prioritize product features

Podcast: How to Make Product Roadmaps Not Dangerous

A podcast about what is and is not a product roadmap, who it is for, the inputs needed to properly construct a roadmap, how to organize a roadmap, and ways to prioritize product features

Video: Roadmaps Are Dead! Long Live Roadmaps!

A talk about why we ship the wrong thing, what a roadmap is and is not, the 5 components of a good roadmap, and how gain alignment on your roadmap

Video: How to Use OKRs to Effectively Align and Manage Your Product Team

Interview with Bruce McCarthy and Growth Sandwich on how Product teams can adopt OKRs to align themselves with the highest vision and strategy of the business

Podcast: UX and Product Roadmaps

Infographic: Visual Guide to the Best Books on Product Management

This is a curated list of the best books on product management

Video: Say No With Confidence – How To Tell The Great Ideas From The Merely Good

A talk about prioritizing your most critical initiatives to increase your organization’s focus by increasing confidence in your prioritization decisions

Podcast: How to Create Digital Products People Actually Want

Podcast on the intersection of product culture and product management

Video: Impossible Outcomes (And How To Achieve Them)

A talk from Business of Software conference

Podcast: How Product Managers Can Align Stakeholders on Product Projects

Podcast with @ChadMcAllister on the need for product leaders to manage stakeholders and the associated challenges this creates

Podcast: Product Roadmaps

Podcast on how changing how businesses see roadmaps will help teams build more impactful software for their customers

Podcast: Bruce McCarthy on his career, product vs project management, and getting roadmaps right

Podcast on the definition of product, product vs project management, probabilistic forecasting, and the importance of using roadmaps right

Video: Product Culture Eats Execution Culture

Interactive discussion on how successful product-focused organizations think and act differently every day in the networked age

Video: Is My Product Team Any Good?

How to assess and diagnose what ails your product team

Blog: How to Ignore Customer Requests

Feature on the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) blog

Blog: Job Skills in the Time of Uncertainty

Feature on the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) blog

Blog: A Rearview Mirror for Your Product Roadmaps

Feature on the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) blog

Blog: A Roadmap Doesn’t Have to Lead to Broken Promises

Feature on @MindtheProduct blog

eBook: Product Manager vs. Project Manager

eBook on O’Reilly learning platform

Blog: Toward a Product Culture Manifesto

Product Culture blog

Blog: Why I Quit My Job (Or The Five Principles of Product Culture)

Product Culture blog

Blog: Shifting from Projects to Products: A Hero’s Journey

Product Culture blog

Blog: Why David Cancel Hates Roadmaps (But Uses Them With Customers)

Product Culture blog

Blog: Don’t Hire a Product Manager Because They’re “Technical”

Product Culture blog

Blog: How Should Product Teams Use OKRs?

Product Culture blog

Blog: Books I Love – Product, Business, and Sci-Fi

Product Culture blog

Blog: 5 Questions on Stakeholders Management

Bruce McCarthy’s guest blog for Softbinator Technologies

Module 11: Self-Assessment

Take our 30-question quiz to score your organization’s maturity in the roadmapping process.

Module 10c: Roadmap Markup

Practice making and tracking changes to your roadmap.

Module 10b: Updating Your Roadmap and Communicating Changes

How often should your update your roadmap, and how do you effectively communicate changes?

Module 10a: Building a Roadmap in the Real World

Run an internal roadmapping worskhop.

Module 9d: The Roadmap Elevator Pitch

Practice your pitch with at least three colleagues and ask for feedback.

Module 9c: Telling Your Story

How to present your roadmap in front of executives, customers, or investors.

Module 9b: Creating Your Roadmap Visualization

Consider the Swimlanes, Stages, or Holistic configuration for creating your roadmap.

Module 9a: Roadmap Visualization

Compare Now-Next-Later, OKR-driven, horizons-oriented, and other styles of roadmaps.

Module 8b: Drafting Stakeholder Concerns

Put our stakeholder alignment techniques into practice.

Module 8a: Stakeholder Buy-In

What does it mean to get buy-in within your organization?

Module 7b: Prioritization Scorecard

Calculate priority scores for each theme you created.

Module 7a: Prioritization

Compare the Kano, MoSCoW, FVD, or ROI Scorecard methods.

Module 6d: Setting Business Objectives

Business objectives are a way to measure progress and continue to fund your work.

Module 6c: Business Objectives

Business objectives are what will be measurably different for your organization.

Module 6b: Stage of Life Selection

Pick a stage of life for your product — whether you’re in development, growth, or maturity.

Module 6a: Product Lifecycle

If you plot sales over time, most products fit into a similar pattern.

Module 5d: Drafting Themes

Practice writing out your customer needs, problems, or jobs to be done.

Module 5c: Avoiding Competitor Influence

Avoid getting into a “feature war” with your competitors.

Module 5b: Why Outcomes Are More Difficult Than Outputs

How can you get your customers saying, “Wow, you designed this product just for me!”

Module 5a: Roadmap Themes

Themes are the problems to be solved in order to realize your product vision.

Module 4b: Why Are Product Culture Roadmaps Different?

Discover how Product Culture roadmaps go beyond the limitations of traditional roadmaps.

Module 4a: What is a Roadmap?

Understand what a roadmap is and what it isn’t by taking a look at some real-life examples.

Module 3b: Ordering Your Roadmap

Understand the role each of the five components of a roadmap plays.

Module 3a: Five Components of a Roadmap

Without these five elements, you cannot have an effective roadmap.

Module 2c: Draft Your Vision

Create your own product vision.

Module 2b: Product Vision

Product vision is how a future world will benefit from your product when it is fully realized.

Module 2a: What is Your Business?

Before you get started, define what type of product you are making a roadmap for.

Module 1b: “Dear Roadmap”

As your first exercise, write a “breakup letter” to your current roadmap methodology.

Module 1a: Introducing Roadmaps

Welcome to Product Culture’s Masterclass on Product Roadmapping.

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